smoltz in the house


so this is the best news all day. many may know that i am a pretty big, as in HUGE, cardinals fan. (and an even bigger colts fan, just wait until september rolls around) my daddy didn’t raise no fool….except, for some unknown reason, when i had about a 2 year stint as a braves fan. i’m not sure if it was the tomahawk, chipper jones’ awesome name, david justice’s dimples, john smoltz’s beard or deion sanders’ jewelry. i guess the world series win in ’95 didn’t hurt; the bandwagon may have been calling. but, it was probably david justice’s dimples…HUGE crush. anyway…john smoltz has just been traded to the cardinals and i couldn’t be happier. unless rolen was traded back. at least he’s back in the midwest.

until his debut, i’ll sit and reminisce.


photo credits here and here.

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