sir strums a lot


i’m sad to say we have a second addict in our house. anna has felt victim to the beatles rock band epidemic. i came home from work last wednesday to find the above scenario. alone, with nothing but her thoughts and her guitar. and george, john, ringo and paul. i’m shouldn’t be throwing around the “a” word so freely, anna is far from spending all her (little) free time holding a plastic guitar. unlike some people, she knows when to let it go.

all joking aside, whether you like the beatles or not, this version of rock band is pretty cool, not going to lie. personally, i want to see an mj version, but this will do for now. one thing that got me with beatles rock band is the intro video. watch it, go ahead. do it now. though it is done very well, i love patchy aspect of how they layered the artwork, it still doesn’t beat the intro for catch me if you can. i’d be hard-pressed to find anything that ever will.  however, i’ll accept that challenge and perhaps i should do an entire post devoted to my love of movie intros….

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