senior: caleb w


i probably shouldn’t be blogging after this long of a day, but i HAD to show you these images. caleb rides horses with candace, whose beautiful face you saw a couple months ago. after he saw the pictures with her horse, he wanted something similar. but, that didn’t stop me from making a pit stop in the nearest ‘town’ from their farm, birdseye. it’s a tiny but super quaint town and home of the dairy barn.
caleb is a senior at forest park, plays football (is currently being recruited by two schools) and basketball, runs track, rides horses and is wild about fishing (that’s his deep sea rod you’ll see a little later). i’ve decided he’s the all-american, midwestern ken doll. yes, he’s pretty easy on the eyes. (and i’m totally blushing right now.) beyond his looks and athletic ability, i was so impressed with him as a human (teenage) being. i think we all know that high school boys can be…um…obnoxious? he was gracious, humble, warm and beyond polite. his momma should be proud.
meet caleb:

IMG_2164f IMG_2185f

yummy morning light:

IMG_2272f IMG_2258f

ok so i’m totally going to embarrass the pants off of caleb for posting this, but it’s too beautiful not to. it belongs on the side of an abercrombie bag or something. see, he’s been joking with a friend’s mom for years that when he took his senior pictures, he was going to do one naked, on his horse. he obviously didn’t do that, but he did take his shirt off. light-hearted clients FTW! (FTW=for the win)

IMG_2303f IMG_2538f


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  1. Donna says:

    Hey Meghan, this is Caleb's mom. Thanks for all the complimentary comments! And yes, I am so proud. Will probably be that “blubbering” mom when he finally graduates and goes off to school! He is my baby you know!
    PS We had a fun time with the pictures Sunday. We also were impressed with your friendliness, and genuine caring personality.
    PSS Caleb just viewed the pictures and said you are freakin awesome (his exact words!!) His absolute favorite was the one on the horse, shirtless (maybe because you said it looked like an Abercrombie shot!!)

  2. Vicki says:

    Meghan, I work with your dad. He showed me these pics – they are awesome! Looks like you're taking your dad's photographic abilities to a new creative level.

  3. Janet says:

    Meghan, My name is Janet and I used to be married to Caleb's dad. So you may as well say, I was Caleb's step-mom for a while. Anyway, I have to say WOW!!!! What a great job you've! But, you had a GREAT subject to work with! I know his momma IS proud of him! This is her baby! Caleb is a quite the gentleman and I know he did just what you told him to do! Again, GREAT JOB!!!