right place

i’ve been a little MIA the past couple of days, and i apologize. no real excuse, other than work has been really busy. i also haven’t been shooting as much bc i’ve been so busy. i’m hoping to fix that this weekend.

as a small side note, i just have to share something from the other night. andrew and luke both had football games (across town, naturally) and marla was busy, so dad was juggling all three boys. enter ‘sissy’ the babysitter. ben watched me hack open a spaghetti squash (“sis, that knife is huge”), while reading to me (i forgot how cute that is), he played a little beatles rockband and we had some very enlightening discussions involving vegetarians (“they don’t eat junk food???”) and carnivores. the highlight of the evening happened in the car while running over to my grandma’s. the black eyed peas song, “tonight’s gonna be a good night” came on and ben proceeded to recite every single word. let me reiterate that: every.single.word, including the backup vocals to the chorus, which is very difficult. i can’t believe i didn’t run my car off the road due to hysterical laughter, which i was trying to hide. i was looking forward to the “l’chaim” part, sure he would stumble. oh no. definitely no stumblage. but then i quickly reminded myself that rockstars don’t stumble, duh.

my point: that night, i felt so strongly that i was in the right place, at the right time. i’m going on my 6th month back in indiana and while i’ve had some highs and lows, i am really happy here and moments like that reinforce it. i have growing pains once in a while, where i miss futile things like the brisk walk to work along the chicago river, afternoon strolls to starbucks and happy hour, but when your brother is in the backseat of your car singing the black eyed peas, life just sort of slaps you in the face and is all, “wake up! look where you are. right now. be happy.” and i am.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Ahhh. Make your momma cry.

    • amy B says:

      Uhh- I sort of got teary eyed too…

      geeze Meghan you’ve gone soft!
      No seriously, so happy this transition is going so well.