emergency plan for power outages

yesterday i spent the better half of the afternoon in the dark. no, people weren’t keeping me out of the loop, i was literally in the dark. if you live in the midwest, it was impossible to not notice the massive storm that blew through, thus knocking the power out. while i was sitting at my desk, in the semi dark, i decided i would create an emergency plan for others, should you find yourself in the same boat.

you’ll need/should do:

  • -have a cocktail, a dark and stormy would be appropriate*
  • sharpie & notebook for random thoughts
  • candle WITH matches
  • crossword of the day, from either the NYT or wash post, most others are too easy and won’t take long enough
  • iPhone for apps, facebook, twitter, etc. a FULL battery is obvs important
  • magazine or book, if you’re lucky enough to be by a window
  • snacks and drinks, but don’t eat or drink too much, as going to the bathroom by candlelight can be complicated
  • catch up on phonecalls/emails via smartphone. again, FULL battery very crucial
  • write a letter, no one writes enough
  • CLEAN your desk, room, car, etc…
  • take a nap*
  • play a board game, preferably a classic like scrabble

*=at your own risk while at work

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