oldie but a goodie


you might remember this post from this past fall, where i talked about the unfortunate situation that is the astra theater in jasper. i wish the astra’s future could hold what the indiana theater in washington, in has: an old theater, full of character, still thriving with the movies of today.
i was in washington a couple weeks ago for andrew’s basketball tournament and while mom took that opportunity to go fabric shopping, anna and i strolled next door. it had been a while since my last visit to washington and i can’t believe i never remembered this awesome marquee. oh, the things we don’t appreciate when we’re 16 and drive by such a cool place every saturday for driver’s training. you can tell it’s been repainted, but the bottom is rusting gracefully, only adding to the charm.
in semi-related news, that same weekend, i took andrew to see percy jackson and the olympians. if you’re over the age of 10, go see it. this weekend. go. even if you’re not an art/cultural/mythological history geek like me, you’ll still like it.


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  1. jillhafeli says:

    I would TOTALLY frame this photo and hang it in my house! Love it.