c is for cookie, that's good enough for me

molasses cookies

molasses cookies

well-known meghan fact: i love to bake. in fact, when i lost my job last december, i’m surprised i didn’t gain back the 15lbs i’ve lost over the past year because i baked (and ate) so much. goes to show that everything in moderation is the key. i’m a big “stress baker,” in that when everything around me is going to shit (ie, losing my job), i feel the need to do something incredibly controlling and baking couldn’t be more perfect. i would also like to add, that in my humble opinion, i’m a really good baker to boot. my singleness is a continual mystery to me. but, i digress.

cue the cookies. i used this recipe, but doubled the nutmeg and the cinnamon. they were very easy and turned out supa tasty. i made them 2 days ago and they’re still supa soft and yummy. they are definitely not healthy cookies. but i’ve seen far worse.

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