lofty goals

i’ve always been a goal-oriented, list making person. aside from keeping my head and desk organized, the simple act of keeping a list and crossing something off it gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me happy. now that the roller coaster that was 2009 is over and i’ve done some reflection, i feel there is no better time to be clear (with myself) about my goals. i’m no longer planning for the long-term, because let’s face it, you can’t control that. so here are my goals for the next year. (and you’re not allowed to judge me for how shallow some of them are. this is my list, not yours.)
• stay at the parker palm springs
• visit abby in germany (after she moves)
• <finally> book a trip to turkey
• learn a new web skill (php, java, something)
• book at least 5 clients for photo-shoots (hire me)
• get out of debt (gross)
host a toms party, in my OWN home
• get my own home
• be a more patient girlfriend/sister/daughter. slower to anger or critique
practice yoga regularly
• make my own pasta
finish the books on my nightstand + 3 more
• have a skin cancer screening at my dermatologist
• document my time in dc with a photo book
anyone else with me? what are your goals? let’s make 2010 our best year EVER.

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  1. Abby says:

    You still have 6 months to come to Turkey. I'll go tour with you!