life: the k family


meet the k family. steffi and i went to the same high school, just a few years apart. she is way cool and now lives in italy with her lovely little family. she is in town for a few weeks and asked to be squeezed in for a family shoot with her olivia, plus olivia’s two cousins. truth be told, i’m friends with steffi on facebook and have thought for MONTHS how cute ‘liv’ is. i mean, come on. you’ll be smitten once looking at these photos, too. anyway, i had been secretly dying to do a shoot with her, so when steffi contacted me i was 100% in.
steffi’s sister keena also took advantage of having a photographer around and had some family shots taken. is she not SO gorgeous?! and her two boys? HANDsome. i had such a fun evening with the k family. steffi, i had so much fun catching up and learning about your way-more-interesting-than-mine life. oh and don’t think i won’t take you up on the offer for a place to stay!



enter miss liv. how cute is this bunch??
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pierce, you better get your stick ready, because you’re going to be beating them off!
prepare for swoonage.

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i think i had 20 shots of liv’s feet. yummy baby feet.

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