life: rylee; jasper, indiana children's photographer

it’s amazing how much a child can change in a year. it also amazes me how fast a year can go. sheesh. i didn’t realize how much miss rylee has grown until i went to pull her 1 year shoot from last year. check out how much bigger she is!!
per her usual, rylee is a total pro with photoshoots and totally brought her A game; mainly because of a sucker being dangled as bait. 🙂 the real star behind the scenes is rylee’s mom, jamie (who, btw, runs an etsy shop with all the fun leg warmers rylee wears) who totally worked her bum off during the shoot. side note: how many photographers would love to know what’s going on behind your back when you shoot? i totally would.
jamie and rylee, thank you so much for being such awesome clients and friends. i can’t wait to continue to see your cute-as-can-be kids grow up.

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  1. amazing, as always!  Thanks Meghan!!  She looks SO much older!  Last year she looked like a baby!