life: cash; french lick, indiana


so remember when i said that when photographing a 2-3 year old how important it is to ask THEM where they might like to have their picture taken? 2 year old boy + trains + watermelon = success. i’ve met cash on several occasions, but his jury was still out on me. i think i won him over when i pulled out the watermelon, though.
cash is 100% sweet (and so is his sister, piper) and 100% boy. i’m so thrilled with how these photos turned out- i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t nervous. when you’re photographing a 2 year old, you really can’t be sure WHAT you’re going to get. i know how important photos are to his mom, so i had the pressure dialed to the max! i really need to learn to relax, however, because between the sweet sweet morning light (earlier is ALWAYS better) and his adorable face, we had a successful day.

cash-0570f cash-0584f

cash-0598f cash-0618f


cash-0634f cash-0650f

cash-0725f cash-0582f

new favorite photo, right here. (heather, you’re going to need “we’ve moved” cards, right??)


cash-0808f cash-0827f


cash-0908f cash-0905f

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