The Haucks

Caitlyn and Nat met at Butler, where Nat still teaches today. They bonded over their love of plants and that love carried beautifully to their wedding day. Which brings me to their wedding day…Their day shifted, moved and downsized into something so different from their original plans. But, something beautiful happened while everything was morphing: Their altered wedding day became something so tailored just for them.

If there’s any positive side to this pandemic, it’s the refocusing on what matters that I see happening weekend after weekend. Caitlyn and Nat’s (along with other family member’s) dogs played a huge role in their day, something that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. We were able to travel to some locations so special to them, which wouldn’t have happened if their wedding had gone as planned. Instead, they enjoyed a casual day, at their new home, with their closest family and friends and absorbed the comfort of feeling like they had carried out something so intrinsically them.

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  1. Nancy Hauck says:

    Beautiful pictures of a perfect day