in love: lauren + brian

as a mother of two girls, i know josh and i would both agree that all we could ever ask for our girls’ future partners is that they look at them like brian looks at lauren. it doesn’t take glasses or half a brain to see that he absolutely loves, cares for and admires her to bits.

they also happen to have one of my favorite love stories (it almost beats joann and dex’s). these two first met when they were very young when they won their local little miss/mister contest! is that not the cutest!? i’m still waiting for that photo, lauren. or better yet, wait until your reception and please blow them up to life size, thank you. they were obviously a little young for anything serious but picked up a few years later and haven’t looked back.

kidding aside, these two are just lovely and i absolutely can’t wait to wrap up my wedding year with them down in morganfield, ky!

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  1. Carrie French says:

    I still see that Little Mr. & Miss when I look at these pictures. Perfect shots, perfect couple…can’t wait for the wedding!