I'm Bart Simpson, who the Hell are you?

useless meghan fact: i’m obsessed with stamps, especially the limited edition ones.  when these came out, i had the release date marked on my calendar. yes, i’m a dork. i’ve got books and books of them i’ve purchased and never used.  i don’t own them with the intention of being a collector, it’s just that when i buy them and i think they’re awesome, i don’t want to waste them on my monthly com-ed bill.  i’m sure joe shmoe in accounting doesn’t appreciate my extraordinary taste in stamps. i would like to point out that my energy bill is the only one i still receive by mail, step up to 2009, comed! oh and go green, people.  this also brings me to the point that no one ever writes letters anymore.  i would like to say that i love writing (and receiving) them and also that one of my best and longest friendships started as pen pals.  holler, markie!  


d'oh! simpsons stamps

d'oh! simpsons stamps


usps released these recently and i think they’re totally awesome, dude.  i just bought some last week and i think they’re definitely at the top my of ‘favorite stamps’ list. can you believe the simpsons started 20 years ago?!  holy crap that makes me feel old, as if i didn’t feel older after this weekend. don’t eat my shorts man, pick up your own.  


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