ida and 'i do'

sometimes in your life, if you’re lucky, you meet someone who is so much more than a friend to you. they become your backbone when you lose yours, they pick you up when you fall, they bend over backwards at the drop of a hat and they are your brain when yours goes missing. and then you meet their fiance and they, as a unit, become a vital part of your life. i met angela and ray a couple years ago and they quickly made an impression on my heart. i have never met two people who are more selfless, loving and decent in my entire life. i have, gladly, spent many nights as their adopted daughter and used “ramon’s” car service way too many times to mention.

angela and ray, despite ida having other ideas, were married last friday. angela didn’t get her dream beach wedding, but what she did get, was a room full of people she loves and who love her right back. i was so impressed with her grace in how she handled disappointment of the ceremony location. but, at the end of the day, she married “her love,” and we were all part of a really kick ass party.

toward the end of the reception ray said to me, “meg, you’re going to put us on the blog, right?” i’ve been looking forward to putting this on my blog since i booked my plane ticket. I love you both and there are not enough “thank yous” in the world.



ella ella eh eh


check out the look on the guys’ faces in the background. priceless. and angela, you’re beyond-words stunning.

angela and her mom




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