i do: maria + steven

over the course of our relatively short photo-relationship, i have come to this conclusion: everyone needs a maria in their lives. she is sweet, caring, joyful, and full of so much life. you can’t be in her presence and not feel happiness. there is no wonder that steven scooped her up and made her his.

volleyball is what brought these two together and what continues to keep them connected with their friends. maria played for the¬†university of evansville, so yeah. she’s slightly talented.

i am so thankful to have been part of your joyful day, filled with so much love, friends and family from both near and mostly far. while i was with the girls getting ready, maria’s mother (who lives in puerto rico, where maria was born and raised) said to me, “when she was born, i was so excited and so nervous. i feel the same way today.” i thought it was so sweet and profound. maria, i know you don’t get to see your family often, so i hope these photos not only remind you and steven of all the love witnessed that day, but also provide you with the comfort of such a joyful day spent with those you love most and don’t get to see as often as you’d like.

thankful, as usual, for these wonderful vendors:
ceremony/reception: rapp-owen granary, new harmony
girl’s prep: loft on main, new harmony
bridal gown: ella park, newburgh
flowers: the golden rose, new harmony
cake/cupcakes: the pacetre, evansville

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  1. Nancy (Maria's Mom) says:

    Oh my God! It’s feel so special! You allow me to transport myself to that day and to those unique moments captured in such extraordinary and so delicate photos! Gorgeous ! Bravo. Thanks you for your kinds
    words and for making this special day one that will stay forever
    with us in each photo!