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“And if people lose their jobs, they’ll be able to buy reasonably priced insurance even if they have preexisting conditions. In the end, Obamacare will make life a little bit harder for a small number of Americans with employer-based coverage—and help the rest.”

georgina just put up a great post, outlining the best (unbiased) recaps of the bill, which i copied below in its entirety. if you are openminded enough, read through them. there are lots of opinions being thrown around today and i’ve remained quiet for as long as i could. without being too far one way or another (though i definitely have a strong opinion), i feel that all the negative, ill-informed statements being thrown around are damaging what should be a joyous day for ALL AMERICANS. this isn’t about winning or losing, left or right, elephant or donkey.
coming from someone who lost her job and was without healthcare for nearly 6 months, i will be the first to tell you, it is TERRIFYING. living in a “great” country like ours, the mere fact that millions of other americans are faced with this same reality is appalling and overwhelming. not only was i suddenly scrambling for a job, every sniffle or sneeze made me pause my life and say a little prayer to not get sick; going to the doctor was not an option. sure, i was offered cobra (ironic it’s named after a deadly snake), but for ~$600/month, it was impossible to pay for. literally, impossible. so i held my breath and tried not to get hit by a bus.
have your opinions, just make them informed ones. but i do feel that if you’ve walked that scary walk, you will be smiling today knowing we’re one giant hurdle closer to never being terrified again.
from georgina:
I feel as though I have been bombarded with news about the healthcare overhaul for the last year and yet I never really understood what the ‘overhaul’ would entail.  I figured any plan that extends coverage to the millions that are currently uninsured had to be a good thing and should be voted in.  So I crossed my fingers all day yesterday hoping that enough support would be obtained.  I was SO happy to see the results last night.
But let me be honest here.  I crossed my fingers with apprehension.  Why?  Because, in a purely selfish moment, I wondered how it would affect my family.  We already have excellent healthcare and even if this bill was not voted in, we would continue to have excellent healthcare.
Perhaps you are also interested in how it directly affects you.  The articles below (especially the second one) break it down for you.  Thank you to the twitter followers who sent me these links.
1. Consumer’s Guide To Health Overhaul : NPR
2. How Will Obama Care Affect You? – Newsweek
3. For Consumers, Some Clarity on Health Care Changes –

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  1. Amy says:

    What a great write up, Meghan. Thanks for sharing.