go ahead and tell um

i woke up to this tweet this morning and i have to say, it made my day. at 6:30 am, it made my day. i don’t know v in real life, but i can tell you that if i did, i think we’d be friends. i think she is beyond cool and having someone you think is so cool give you a compliment like that, especially when it’s about something as time consuming as a blog, makes me giddy. you should read her tumblr, she’s pretty fab.
all this made me think of this kanye line:

“If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell um

People never get the flowers while they could smell um”

-kanye west, big brother

so my challenge to you today, is to spread the good vibes. if you like what someone’s doing, tell them. you may not realize how much it means to them. i think, especially in the blog-world, people tend to get caught up in personal “growth,” prestige and gaining readers but don’t take time to pay it back. my shout out goes to clary. this post on her awesome 5 year old is stunning. the colors are so fresh but not blinding. i love them.

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