from me to you: engagement outfit (part i)

Romantic Engagement Outfit Inspiration
let me tell you a secret: if shopping were a legit college degree, i’d have a doctorate. (ignore the fact that i had to look up how to, in fact, spell “doctorate“) so when browsing the other day, i stumbled upon the above dvf lace dress, in navy to boot, and i just had to tell SOMEONE how amazing this (or a similar dress) would be for an engagement session. it’s feminine, dressy, sexy-but-not-skanky and navy is so so flattering on camera. (did you hear that? NAVY IS SO FLATTERING.)
i know that in my area couples rarely get this dressed up for e-sessions, and that’s fine, and my response is “why not??” in an ideal world you could have a really dressy outfit like this and then change into something more casual and real-life. i think cassie and aaron nailed this concept for their e-session last spring.
also, did you notice the whole “coordinating without matching” concept i mentioned in this post?? you might be asking, “lace, with gingham, with polkadots? don’t you think that’s a little wackadoo?” no, not at all. for one, you’ll only see those amazing socks when your man is sitting down and that will make for a fantastic detail shot. while gingham and lace, both in navy, will get along swimmingly. and the texture of the navy lace will help break up the man’s suit.
and finally, i think i should probably note that i do not encourage or expect my brides-to-be to go out and spend $800 on a pair of shoes. however, this is my fantasy board so i’m allowed to put ridiculous-but-perfect shoes on it. and really, if a bride came to me with louboutin’s, i’d kiss her feet and probably try to steal them. truth!

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