fav (guest) photo from the weekend

i forgot my camera cord this morning, which makes me mad bc i was so excited to post the opening day pool pics.  tomorrow.  i did, however, decide to post my fav pic from the weekend.  i went with amy plus the younger 3 to bloomington for the farmer’s market and to get my hair did.  just being back in that town on such a beautiful day, absorbing the sites and smells of their amazing farmer’s market (and town), made me so happy.  we even got lunch/brunch at bloomingfoods.  heaven.  

this is my favorite pic from saturday.  nathan killed that entire bag of kettlecorn and looked irresistibly cute doing it. all men should take note that nathan’s little hat had women swooning all day.  check out amy’s site.


photo credit: amy breedlove

photo credit: amy breedlove



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  1. Brad says:

    Wow, he is a cutie!

  2. breedingcreativity says:

    When I was waiting for it to pull up, I thought it might be the one of him standing like a statue. Thanks for posting my site…I appreciate it 🙂