dear hazel: 9 months



dear hazel,

9 months…i’m writing this letter WAY late which is pretty indicative as how my month has been. no huge shock, i also don’t have any non-iphone photos from you this month, either! mommy fail!

the truth is, october was held together with glue, popsicle sticks, bubblegum and wine. this month i had 11 family/engagement sessions, 3 weddings and 11 mini sessions. seriously, october was cray, so please forgive me when i tell you that i honestly don’t remember a ton from what you did in october! some highlights, though, involved soaking up as many gorgeous fall colors as possible by visiting huber winery which i mentioned last letter (i have got to stop writing these late!) and having our family photos taken!

the biggest trick you started this month was waving! so cute! you STILL aren’t crawling and you had no teeth (spoiler alert: you finally broke one through last week!) and to be honest, october wasn’t your happiest month. you were in a huge growth spurt (seriously, look at your photo from last month…you look SO different) and i know now that your teeth were moving, big time. all is forgiven, though, bc it seems october came in like a lion and out like a lamb, leaving you back to your normal goofy, completely lovable self. i should also mention that while you had one week of bad sleep, you are a total rockstar in that category and have been for months. 7pm-7am without a peep. high five, wee one.

we had your 9 month checkup a couple weeks ago where you weighed in at 20 lbs 6 oz and measured 28.5” long. you’re well above average in both weight AND height! your pediatrician called you nothing short of perfect. however. if you’re not crawling by january, we have to go to therapy, so come on grasshopper, get with it!

not much has changed, food-wise. i tried blending up some vegetable/beef soup that you wanted NOTHING to do with. other than puffs, you want no food-food. you are also completely obsessed with greek yogurt. your fav for sure.

halloween! your dad decided early on that you HAD to be a cup of smalley coffee for halloween. so, the day before halloween i was sewing the cutest little coffee cup in the land. you were so much fun, even if we only went to 3 houses!

hazel, as much as i love my clients and what i do, i’m SO SO looking forward to dialing back in november/december/january and spending some quality time with you and your dad. i think the first saturday we have at home, i’m going to deem it “pajamas saturday” and we’re going to sit around in pjs

this was obviously my first wedding season as a working mommy and i have to say, it was tough. i’ve suffered a lot of mommy guilt and, if i’m being honest, husband-guilt, too. it’s hard not having whole weekends with family, but that’s the reality of my career. i hope that you’ll grow to admire me as a working mommy who loves you but also really loves having a professional purpose. i’m a better mommy when i’m fulfilled in my career and personal life. i hope and pray that one day you find what your purpose is. until then, your purpose is to make your dad and i so absurdly happy.

all my love,




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