back to school part 2


you saw stink’s (i promise a back story on the nickname soon) first day of school yesterday. obviously i’m not santa and can’t be two places at once, so dad sent me pics of the boys. so precious. dad is probably the most sentimental person i know, so they take the same shot every year. it will be very cool to see them all together one day. btw this is only the 2nd guest post on seemeghanblog. i can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get one of dad’s shots on here. hello self-absorbed. you can clearly see where my talent comes from.

and i just had to post this as well. i’ll go ahead and say it: i’m playing favorites right now. i just need to state, for the record, how handsome andrew is. he somehow transitioned from cute to handsome and strapping overnight, contacts and all! i also realize i’m being completely biased. whatever, i’m allowed.


1st day of 4th grade, duh.

photo credit: jeff hochgesang

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  1. Lisa says:

    Oh – tell him I love the contacts! Maybe now that I am in the same hallway I’ll see him sometime at school.