Avery & Ted

I sincerely wish I could bottle these two up, set it on my desk and open when I’m having a rough day. Ted is light-hearted, funny, and doesn’t take things very seriously. Avery is put together, sweet, and maybe a bit of a perfectionist (xo, Avery) and the way they balance each other is perfection.

I knew of both Avery and Ted since Jasper is such a small town, but after observing how FUN Avery was at one of my weddings last year, I told Josh that I really hoped she’d call me when she got engaged one day. Little did I know, she was dating someone and that day would come way sooner than I dreamed. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you just know when someone is a client you’ll click with and I just knew Avery and Ted were that.

We spent such a beautiful evening out at Ted’s house in the woods and then drove to his family’s land nearby for a beautiful sunset. I love when we can incorporate locations that are meaningful to my couple–it just adds such a level of personalization. Calling this night “work” is such misnomer. These two are SO opposite in the absolute best way possible and I could capture their sweet love for each other for dayssss. I absolutely can’t wait for your wedding this fall!

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