2012, a look back at: my own life

2012 personal from Meghan Hochgesang on Vimeo.

i have a hard time really putting into words what this year meant for me. i’ve had my fair share of really supremely sucky years, but this year? 2012? it was for the record books, that’s for sure. it was so full of love, life and happiness. i feel so extremely lucky and blessed to be living this life.

some highlights:

  • i got engaged
  • we got married
  • i traveled to: chicago (x 2), cincinnati, st john, st louis, san francisco, dc, la, columbus and bangkok
  • we witnessed the superbowl
  • i discovered shake shack (and died and went to heaven)
  • i saw one of my photo idols speak
  • one of my other photo idols took our engagement and wedding photos
  • i had my best (and busiest) photography year yet
  • i finally own a pair of jimmy choos
  • we saw in the heights
  • we went to the ncaa sweet 16 game in st louis
  • my oldest younger brother earned the rank of eagle scout
  • i also watched my oldest younger brother become a state marching band champion
  • i cheered on my hoosiers, in person, 3 times
  • i became an award-winning, published graphic designer
  • we celebrated my grandma’s 82nd birthday with manhattan’s
  • i learned to breathe, let go of the wheel and trust and all things happen, in due time.
  • i vowed to the best, funniest, most handsome, honest, caring, decent (to me) man to love and honor him, forever.

i’d say it was a pretty solid year. thanks for being around for the ride.

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