things that make me sad

lost puppies, snagging my tights (which i literally just did), family not being able to be together on christmas (abby i miss you) and now adding to that list: amazing pieces of architecture that sit vacant for years upon end.

astra marquee

i took these while i was shooting austin’s senior pictures and i honestly forgot to post until just now. theĀ  building is what used to be ‘the astra’ movie theater. when i was growing up, it was the only theater in town and has since been replaced by a cold, character-less theater in town. it kills me when gems like this get overshadowed and stomped on by prefab monstrosities. the astra had 2 screens on 2 levels. i always preferred the smaller theater upstairs. perhaps a prelude to my appreciation for unknown indie films? there were many firsts for me in that theater, like holding a boy’s hand for the first time and taking luke and andrew to their first movies. this gem has been for sale for years and would be an amazing art house theater or even a small concert hall. are you there, investors? it’s me, meghan.

neon astra marquee

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  1. slamdunk says:

    Interesting images. We have a few of these types of old buildings around us–so many stories to tell of once upon a time.

  2. Sally Klem says:

    The “little theater upstairs” used to be the balcony for the main theater — probably changed in the 70s or so?

    • Ellen says:

      You’re right, Sally. I think in the 80’s they tried to compete with the multiplex soon to hit town, closing off the balcony to form the smaller theater.