puma reinvents the wheel

as most readers know, attention to detail, especially in shoe boxes, does not go wasted on me. so in honor of earth day (a day late, sorry. the cold bug had me in bed), i thought i’d mention this awesome new shoebox puma has released. you can read all about them here, but the gist is that they require 65% less cardboard and they have a built in shopping bag which is both recyclable and can be used as a shoe bag for travel.
reduce, reuse, recycle, baby.
oh and this is probably the proper time to share a walmart horror story with you. i’ll set the stage: mother daughter shopping trip. we forgot our reusable bags at home (**gasp**) so in an effort to not bag single items in their own bag (something i will NEVER understand) i was overseeing the process.
me: here, i’ll put these sandwich thins in the bag with the other loaf of bread. (hand empty bag back to checker outer to use for something else)
checker outer: (throws perfectly good bag in the trash)
me: (death glare combined with pure dumbfoundness)

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  1. ellen says:

    You are really good at the death glare. Wonder where you got that from.