new blog, new giveaway

first of all, i’m so glad you found me. secondly, i have a new blog. obviously. i hope you like it, because i love it. josh and i have worked very hard to make it exactly what i want. i guess here’s where i should thank you, josh, for being so patient with my constant critiquing and nitpicking at details. the blog is better for it, so thank you. also, if you’re a blogger and are looking for an amazing source for hosting/developing, check him out.
back to my blog. i feel “seemeghanblog version 2.0”  better fits my personal ‘branding’ of my professional site, which was important to me because i don’t want to seem as though i’m living two separate lives: meghan the designer vs. meghan the blogger. my blog is something i’m proud of and i feel there isn’t a better representation of who i am as a person.
ok so for the fun news. to celebrate all this newness, i’m giving away a handmade knitted wonder thanks to my mom, aka “taith” (the addict in the house). don’t worry, she’s not on the hard stuff. read this post if you’re confused. there are a few ways to enter and feel free to do more than one (you’ll just up your chances for winning):
1) comment on this blog. yes, just simply comment. tell me something funny. or which hat you’d like to have.
2) link to this post via facebook, twitter, etc. while you’re at it, follow me on twitter, too.
3) mention this post, or my blog in general, on your blog. (i’ll give you two entries for this option.)
so, there you have it. the rules are simple, the winner will get to pick the kind of hat or headband he/she desires, along with the pattern and color(s). comment or mention by saturday, feb 20 at 11:59 p.m. EST to be entered. i’ll announce the winner on monday, feb 22.

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