life: tori and evie; jasper indiana children's photographer

you probably remember this family. i photographed tori when she was just one and i honestly can’t believe how quickly she’s grown up! i was ecstatic when kimbra asked me to photograph her family again!
since that shoot (one of my first family shoots) two years ago, baby vivienne “evie” has joined the clan! i love doing tandem shoots like this because as one starts to feel like they’re so over my camera, we can just transition over to the other. tori, however, was never not over my camera. this little girl between her long, beautiful, i-wish-i-had-her hair and her expansive vocabulary, i could have sworn i had a 5 year old in front of me. i caught so many heart-melting looks from her and evie that i ended up with the most usable photos from a family shoot. EVER. you know what that means? may the force be with you (in picking prints), parents and grandparents!

that photo on the right? a very large, metallic paper print of it is currently on its way to my office.

i posted this to my facebook page the second i saw it upload. favorite family photo i’ve taken in a long time. maybe ever.

the next series of photos were taken in about a 90 second span. you don’t get that kind of yield very often! oh and how does anyone say “no” to that face?!

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, entire session shot with canon 50 1.4 (aka the fastest lens i own, perfect for small children :).

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  1. Tricia Lund says:

    I am a close friend of Sharon Dempsey and she posted your photos on her facebook page. You are such a great photographer! Your pictures are just so beautiful….keep doing what you are doing! Your passion for it is so apparent. I wish you were doing this when our kids were little (Alex is the same age as my son Mike) except you were little then as well!!!!

  2. Caitlin Sullivan says:

    Oh SHUTUP with those tutus! So adorable!

  3. Bethany Hassfurther says:

    absolutely amazing! this daddy is going to have his hands full in a few years 🙂