life: the buehlers

this family….wait until you see each kiddo’s individual portrait. all the heart eye emojis. the last time i photographed the buehlers was when everett was born! so crazy. it’s also a testament to how fast life flies by.

it’s so important to document your life–children or not. i know i personally am terrible at documenting our day-to-day lives outside crappy iphone photos but it makes me feel a little better knowing that at least i have professional photos taken every year. stepping off my soap box now so you can feast your eyes on this beautiful family.

one of my favorite things in the world is asking little boys to put their hands in their pockets. it’s seriously the cutest.

i’ll let you get lost in those big brown eyes for a minute…

hey ladies…..

claire is the absolute sweetest little girl and she giggled her wait through all of these photos. something i often try to get kids to do (authentic smiles) but she did all the work for me! i can literally still hear her little laugh.


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