life: mya


this, is miss mya. she is 3. have i mentioned i had never photographed any 3 year olds before? when her mom contacted me, i thought nothing of it…until someone at work asked if i had ever photographed a 3 year old before. what was the big deal? well. silly, naive me. mya was far from “bad,” in fact, considering the chilly weather, she did great. the smiles, just weren’t coming very easily. but not until we had been hard at-it trying to get some real smiles did i realize we never asked mya where SHE would like to have her photo taken. she didn’t hesitate a second before responding, “THE PARK!” duh. lesson #1 when photographing a 3 year old: ask him/her where they would like to have their photography taken. so simple. so important. so, to the park we went where mya flipped a switch and CAME ALIVE.
the photo above, pre-park epiphany, is my favorite. so natural, so beautiful. i’d slap that baby on a huge canvas.
thank you, jill, grandma and mya, for a super fun day. oh, and mya, you have the most fabulous shoe collection.


IMG_4395f IMG_4516f


IMG_4552f IMG_4598f



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