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how cute is this little one?? she has the most expressive eyebrows of any i’ve seen on such a young baby!
this shoot. oh man, this shoot. we can thank the ever lovely, mother nature for this one. we had been expecting (and praying for) rain but when i woke up the day of the shoot, it was sunny and nice, so i threw worry out the door. i pull up to our shoot location and i hear a small rumble and utter an “ugh crap”. craig, leslie and hadley showed up and we didn’t waste any time. about 20 minutes into our session the sky turned SO dark (i had already been dealing with crazy lighting issues and this didn’t help) and the cracks and rumbles got even worse. prepared for the worst, i told leslie we’d plan on a rain date later in the month. but when i started processing these photos i was SO pleasantly surprised! 400 images in 29 minutes isn’t bad! i think little hadley knew it was crunch time and she had to she did so well and i can’t wait to see her when she gets a little older. she’s totally going to be a heartbreaker.
my favorite, below:




on the right….do you see that sky?!? i think hadley’s thinking, “hum…i do believe it’s time to find shelter for me!”




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