kicking myself

while studying abroad in florence, i went to positano for one last ‘hurrah’ with several of my classmates the last week of our term. we even extended our stay and skipped class because we loved it there so much. (this reminds me that i MUST upload my pictures from that trip.) we spent our days lounging at our “secret” beach, away from the crowds, drinking imported beer, driving around on a dinghy and eating bread/cheese/wine for dinner. it was amazing and is an experience i will never forget. anyway, what was my point?
oh yeah, sandals. positano, and the amalfi coast in general, is known for their handmade, often custom, sandals. i remember stopping at one of the handful of these cobbler’s storefronts and marveling at them thinking, “i LOVE these. but no one in the states wears sandals like this.” i have 3 responses to myself: 1) you silly silly juvenile girl; 2) always trust your gut and what you think is beautiful; 3) who gives a s*$t what everyone else is or isn’t wearing. i kick myself every summer for not buying a pair of these gems. however i take comfort in knowing that i WILL return to the heaven that is positano and i WILL return to the states with (at least) a pair of the strappy wonders.
and to answer your questions, yes it is THAT beautiful and no, i was there BEFORE they filmed under the tuscan sun.
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