in love: bethany and phil; jasper indiana engagement photographer

oh man i love these two. i met with them over a year ago to book their wedding for next year. a long engagement means i get an even longer relationship with my clients! it was so fun getting to see bethany and phil again and let me tell you, these two are total troopers. we shot these at the ferdinand forest, which, on the day of our shoot was INFESTED with gnats. i mean like swarming our faces, swarming my camera (at one point i brought my camera down and had 20 gnats all on my hand and camera. gross) and just being annoying in general. it was the weirdest thing. poor phil was the real trooper, he had 2 of them try to take up residence in his eye. yes. eew.
i’m so excited for bethany and phil’s wedding next june, it’s bound to be just as sweet as them.

see all those weird dots to their left? technically they’re bokeh, but guess what’s reflecting light causing the bokeh? yes. gnats.

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 35 1.4L, canon 50 1.4

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  1. Bobbie Hautsch says:

    I love these pictures! Ferdinand Forest was the perfect backdrop! So happy for you both…. (and job well done Meghan!)