a guide to dressing for: engagement photos

i am in the THICK of wedding/engagement (for next year’s weddings) season and it seems the second i confirm an engagement session, i’m almost always asked, “ok, so what do you suggest we wear?” so in that vain, i thought i’d address it publicly, if for no other reason than to save myself (and my fingers) time!

“ohmygosh, how many outfits do i need to find?”
couples usually chose 2 outfits. some choose 3, but sticking with 2 means more shooting time, which means more photos from which to choose.
“ok, that makes sense. what about colors? should we stick to white?”
when it comes to what to wear, i always say: COLOR. try to choose outfits that coordinate, rather than match, with each other. for example, if your man has a plaid shirt with reds and navy, maybe try to throw in an accessory (belt, scarf, necklace, shoes, etc) that has red in it, to tie together your look. and don’t be afraid to mix patterns!
“are there any colors i should avoid?”
while it works, i try to steer clients away from whites and blacks. colors just make you, and therefore the photo, come alive. with that said, i firmly believe that on a man, nothing is more classic or timeless than a crisp white shirt. so there you  have it, i am a walking contradiction! sometimes really small stripes and checks can read funny on “film” and should be avoided.
“is there anything else you suggest?”
my #1 goal when taking your photos, is to capture the essence of “you” as a couple. so if “you” is cowboy boots and flannel, don’t try to wear a dress with stilletos (full disclosure, i love BOTH looks, i’m merely trying to make a point) because you’ll likely look uncomfortable and that will show in photos.
also, just how i like to vary up shooting locations with organic mixed with man made locations, i like when clients vary the types of outfits they choose. for example, if one outfit is more formal, with a dress for you and a nice dress shirt for your man, i like the other outfit to be something more casual and carefree. it just yields for an even bigger selection of photos.

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